Jonathan's Photography

                       "The Art of Living each Moment "

Jonathan Cervantes



A brief description of

our services

and our mission.

     We believe that photography; more specificly, portraititure is one thing that is easily overlooked with the business of life.  We believe that moments can slip by us so quickly.  With our photography, we capture those moments creatively and with care.  We capture the essence of our clients whether they are individuals. couples, families, children or special moments in life.  Portraits are one of few things we cherish more with time.

     We take time to get to know our clients so we can create a lasting image of who they are.  When we create portraits of families; whether it is a couple, a new family or extended family, we see how they connect with each other, the bond and the emotions from those connections and capture that moment.  We feel honored to be allowed in to their lives to create lasting portraits, using our skills, artistic perspective and time.

        For us, photography is not just a career, but it is our mission to provide everyone a personal service of high quality photos.  We are flexible with our time, we listen to our clients to hear what they desire and we make the session an enjoyable time.  Because we believe in the quality of our photography and our skills to capture the essence of them, we never charge a session fee.  We believe our photography sells itself.



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